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Interior of Pharmacy


When you enroll for Scriptio in the app, you will get a monthly subscription plan.  You will also need a physical id, which you can order initially when you enroll, as well as order supplemental ids if you wish to share with your caregivers. 

We will be introducing family plans in the near future.

Download and enroll for Scriptio today!

Interior of Pharmacy

Subscription Plans


Suitable for:

  • Individual Patients

  • Family Members

  • Caregivers

Subscription  benefits:

  • Low monthly price

  • Manage your own records
  • Share your medical records with loved ones
  • Medication adherence tracking


Health Care

Suitable for:

  • Long Term Care

  • Pharmacies

  • Nursing Homes

  • Home Care

  • Assisted Living

Subscription  benefits:

  • Low monthly price per patient

  • Monthly Adherence Reports

  • Easily manage workforce and patients
  • Per patient billing

$9.95 /mo

Physical Id's

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