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Scriptio is the tool to help everyone with their medications

Today people are taking more medications and living longer. Most senior citizens will take multiple medications, and have difficulty keeping track of them. They will also struggle to keep their multiple care providers informed of their medications. And in case of an emergency, this list of medications can be difficult and inefficient to provide, just when timing is crucial.

Scriptio is the new way for senior citizens and their health care team to share records. This easy to use approach helps people remember their prescriptions, and to easily share them. Scriptio provides a higher degree of accuracy and access than manual lists that most people manually create.

Long term care facilities benefit by using Scriptio as it allows them greater accuracy and efficiency. This reduces medication errors and time.  Rather than manually retrieving records or using a clipboard to verify resident, Scriptio can instantly provide an accurate medication and health snapshot.   And when doing an audit, the Scriptio reporting provides medication adherence and compliance quickly and easily.

Who uses Scriptio?

Are you tired of struggling to remember which medicines to take? 

Well, worry no more because Scriptio is here to help! Scriptio is like keeping track of all your important prescriptions in one secure place.


Download onto your mobile phone, and with just a few taps, Scriptio organizes all your medications. No more mix-ups or forgetting important pills. It's like having your very own medicine wizard right in your pocket!

We know how much you care about your loved ones, and that's why we've made Scriptio with some fantastic features to support you in providing the best care possible.

By harnessing the power of Scriptio, you can elevate patient care to new heights, ensuring better health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.


We know you are the heroes on the frontlines, delivering exceptional care and support to patients daily. Scriptio is here to be your trusty sidekick, providing valuable tools to enhance patient care and streamline your workflow:

By embracing Scriptio, you can enhance medication safety, optimize workflows, and foster a caring environment where residents can thrive.


We understand your unique challenges and responsibilities in providing excellent care for your residents. That's why we've created a powerful solution tailored specifically for Long-Term Care (LTC) settings, designed to enhance medication safety and overall resident well-being

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