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How Scriptio Helps Long Term Care Homes Issues

Patient Safety

Keeping track of prescriptions is frustrating and inaccurate for patients and providers:

*There are 19 deaths per day and 750 hospitalizations per day.

Staffing Challenges

99% of nursing homes and 96% of assisted living communities said they are facing some degree of staffing shortages. Scriptio is designed to help workers improve medication administration delivery.

Improve Efficiency

Scriptio can make medication management more efficient and easier. Rather than carry clipboards and charts to dispense medications, a quick click shows what medications a resident has.

No Cost Facilities

Scriptio is free to use for long term care homes. Our goal is to deliver the best service to you and your residents. Your help will drive that vision!

A Unified Medication Record

Most people see multiple medical providers, each of which are usually on different systems. Scriptio puts all your medication records in one secure place.

Easy To Use

Scriptio was built for ease of use from the very beginning. Staff and patients quickly start using it with minimal text entry.

Here is how Scriptio can help nursing homes and assisted living with costs and safety.

Everyone Benefits

If you are an administrator or staff worker in a resident setting, Scriptio can  help you with dispensing medications. Removing the need  for paper charts or other outdated mediums Scriptio has all patient data  at your finger tips. Managing worker and patient access is just clicks away.  

Audits have never been easier thanks to Scriptio reporting. This real time data turns into compliance and adherence information, so no longer must you spend hours manually working on who gave what and when.


Emergency and team staff can immediately retrieve the patient medical record, saving precious time and delivering safer treatment.  


If you are a patient, your data is always handy and will help you  remember what medicines you have.

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Pilot Opportunities

If you're interested in partnering with us to help shape the future
of health care,  please sign up below!

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