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Our Story

A few years ago, the CEO's father called him and told him about his four doctor visits that day. At each office, he was asked for his list of medications. Being tech savvy, he produced a thumb drive containing
an spreadsheet of all his medications and dosages.  


He was frustrated and asked:

Why do they always ask for my medications every time?


Our answer was: 

How do they know that list is accurate?

We've put together a patented solution that allows a patient real-time access to their medication records. Scriptio will ultimately relay medication histories to emergency personnel, physicians, and pharmacists so that everyone knows the exact pharmaco status of the patient.


We are excited for our upcoming launch and ask that you sign up for notifications so you can help yourself, a loved one, a long-term-care-resident, or anyone who has trouble with medications.

Meet the 4DA Team


David Clark

Founder & CEO

4DA was founded by David Clark, in the capacity of CEO and CTO, with over 25 years of information technology and business experience. His  experience ranges from small startups to large enterprise healthcare  systems.  He is passionate about providing technology to empower  patients to improve their health and ease access to prescription  histories across disparate systems.

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Dao (Amanda) Clark

Founder & Practice Guidance

After 25 years of dentistry, including owning her own practice, Dao  joins 4DA with experience dealing with the difficulty in validating  patient medication.  Having first hand provider knowledge on the  struggles that patients and providers deal with daily in remembering  accurate patient prescriptions, Dr. Clark brings a unique provider  perspective to solving this issue.

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David Farney

Founder & Chief Sales Officer

David currently works as a laboratory specialist for one of the largest  medical supply distributors in the United States but has experience  calling on multiple healthcare segments and modalities. He loves learning about new products and technologies that advance  patient care and instantly saw the potential for 4DA to solve multiple  complex issues regarding universal prescription management.

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David Vo

Founder & Pharmacy Guidance

David  PharmD, BCPS is an inpatient pharmacy specialist at Kaiser  Permanente San Diego Medical Center. He obtained his Bachelor of Science  degree in Biology at the University of California, San Diego and his  Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Colorado, Anschutz  Medical Campus. Dr. Vo went on to complete a clinical pharmacy residency  and obtained a Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy. He has work  experience in hospital, ambulatory, and retail pharmacy.

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