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How Scriptio Helps Patients

As a patient, there are some super essential features that you'll love to have in Scriptio. Let's check them out:


Medication Reminders: Scriptio will remind you when it's time to take your medicines. No more forgetting or getting mixed up!

Prescription History: It keeps a record of all the medicines you've taken in the past, so you can easily show it to your doctor or pharmacist.


Easy-to-Use: Scriptio is designed to be super easy for you to use on your mobile phone. No complicated stuff, just simple and friendly!


Secure Storage: Your health information is kept safe and private in Scriptio. Only you and your trusted caregivers can access it.


Personal Profile: You can create your own profile with your allergies, medical conditions, and more. This helps Scriptio give you personalized care.


Share with Caregivers and Providers: If you want, you can share your medication information with family members or caregivers and your provider so they can support you better.


Health Tips: Scriptio might also give you some health tips or reminders to help you stay on top of your wellness game.

Getting Started

QRCode scan image to download Scriptio
  1. Scan the image to download Scriptio onto your phone

  2. Enroll yourself on the Scriptio app

  3. Select the desired physical id(s) that you would like.  Keep in mind you can get as many as you like if you want to share your medical records with your loved ones.

  4. Securely pay for the physical id and the low monthly subscription service. 

  5. We will ship your order out immediately.

  6. When you receive your identity, it is all ready for you to start adding your prescriptions, supplements, vaccines, and allergy information.

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