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The Problem

More than 20% of all senior citizens take five or more prescriptions a day. 91% of those aged 80 or older take on average 22 different prescriptions. This often results in seniors having difficulty remembering  the names, dosages and when to take their medications. Many patients  rely upon hand written lists to inform their providers of what medications that have been prescribed.

In one  study, over 800 adverse drug events were recorded, where over 40% were  preventable. A major problem is keeping accurate records of what medication a patient should be receiving, something that varies between facilities and health systems.


We are the only easy to use solution that can provide a patented approach for managing patient prescription and other medical data.

The Solution

Not only can Scriptio help with prescriptions, but also manage vaccines, allergies, and over-the-counter supplements. This information gives a holistic view for providers to see potential interactions and health concerns.  


Regardless of  pharmacy or insurance provider, Scriptio allows physicians, pharmacists, and emergency providers immediate and secure access to medical records. These secure records allow quick and accurate analysis as well as  validation to patients’ health status. With Scriptio, a patient’s access to controlled prescription drugs can be validated, restricted,

and reported upon.


Patients love how easy it is to access their medical records. With a simple click on their Scriptio mobile app, their records are presented in an easy to read screen. And there is no fear of making a mistake because it is impossible for patients to update or delete their own records.

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