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We understand that seniors face unique challenges in today's world of increased medications and longer lifespans. Many individuals struggle to manage multiple medications, leading to difficulties in keeping track of them and informing their various care providers accurately. In emergencies, providing a comprehensive list of medications becomes crucial, yet often cumbersome.

That's where Scriptio comes in, offering a solution to share medical records seamlessly with healthcare teams. This user-friendly approach helps seniors remember their prescriptions while facilitating easy sharing with caregivers. Scriptio ensures a higher level of accuracy and accessibility compared to manual lists, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

For long-term care facilities, Scriptio proves to be a valuable asset, enhancing accuracy and efficiency while reducing medication errors. It eliminates the need for manual record retrieval or reliance on traditional clipboards for resident verification. With Scriptio, an instant and accurate medication and health snapshot is readily available, making audits easier and providing essential medication adherence and compliance information promptly and effortlessly. Empowering seniors with Scriptio's capabilities helps alleviate their burdens and fosters a safer, more connected, and compassionate healthcare experience for everyone involved.

Who uses Scriptio?

Now all health care providers can know immediately which medications a patient has had fulfilled.  Pharmacists, physicians, EMT, and hospital staff all have instant access to the same data for a patient.

Patients always know at a glance their prescriptions and when to take them.  This list is shared with providers so no more carrying around paper lists to give to your providers.

Long term care communities can be more efficient with medication administration because they no longer have to look up a patient physical record.  Insurance providers can now audit records to help with prescription compliance.

Did you know ?

How Scriptio helps

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Patient Safety

Patient prescription management is easily shared with their medical ecosystem. Patients' can track their own medications for accuracy

and portability.

Medication distributed
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Prescription Mangement

Scriptio helps medical providers with patient prescription management regardless of location
or system.

Cost Savings

We can help long term care facilities  perform real-time audits so they can always know where drugs are going and by whom.  

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Ease of Use

Scriptio was created to
be easy to use for all users—

clear data, intuitive security, and no fluff.

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