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Listen to our CEO explain Scriptio

What is

Today people are taking more medications and living longer. Most senior citizens will take multiple medications, and have difficulty keeping track of them. They will also struggle to keep their multiple care providers informed of their medications. And in case of an emergency, this list of medications can be difficult and inefficient to provide, just when timing is crucial.

Scriptio is the new way for senior citizens and their health care team to share records. This easy to use approach helps people
remember their prescriptions, and to easily share them. Scriptio provides a higher degree of accuracy and access than manual lists that most people manually create.

Long term care facilities benefit by using Scriptio as it allows them greater accuracy and efficiency. This reduces medication errors and time.  Rather than manually retrieving records or using a clipboard to verify resident, Scriptio can instantly provide an accurate medication and health snapshot.   And when doing an audit, the Scriptio reporting provides medication adherence and compliance quickly and easily.

Who uses Scriptio?

Health Care Providers

Now all health care providers can know immediately which medications a patient has had fulfilled.  Pharmacists, physicians, EMT, and hospital staff all have instant access to the same data for a patient.


Patients always know at a glance their prescriptions and when to take them.  This list is shared with providers so no more carrying around paper lists to give to your providers.


Long term care homes can be more efficient with medication administration because they no longer have to look up a patient physical record.  Insurance providers can now audit records to help with prescription compliance.

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