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What is Scriptio?

Scriptio provides instant and accurate patient prescription
 information via its patented secure mobile platform. See below
 to learn how patients and their medical ecosystem are able to share real-time medication data via our product, Scriptio.

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If you're a long-term care facility interested in becoming
a pilot location and improving patient safety.

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How Scriptio helps


Patient Safety

Patient prescription management is easily shared with their medical ecosystem. Patients' can track their own medications for accuracy

and portability.

Prescription management 2.jpg

Prescription Management

Scriptio helps medical providers with patient prescription management regardless of location
or system.


Cost Savings

We can help long term care facilities  perform real-time audits so they can always know where drugs are going and by whom.  


Ease of Use

Scriptio was created to
be easy to use for all users—

clear data, intuitive security, and no fluff.

W. James, IL

"I live in a assisted living home while I recover from an injury.  I have a problem taking medication because it is not always given to me every day"

Is Scriptio for you?

Prescription management

for residents of a

non-acute facility

Show your medication

list to medical or

emergency personnel

A relative or friend

is struggling to manage

their prescriptions

Did you know?

7,000 - 9,000

7,000 - 9,000

People lose their lives yearly from prescription mistakes that could be prevented...

Staffing Concerns

Staffing Concerns

According to, 85% of residents require assistance with their medications...

Multiple Medications

Multiple Medications

87% of those aged 65 years or older take 20 prescriptions annually. Even those aged 50–64...

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