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What is Scriptio?

Scriptio is a mobile app that helps to track and manage patient medication information.
It’s safe and fast! With Scriptio, patients, caregivers, pharmacists, and doctors can easily share important medication details with each other anytime they need to.

It helps everyone know the right information at the right time.


Scriptio has been created and shaped to help non-acute facilities provide a high standard of care while reducing stress on staff.

Improved staff efficiency

Your team is busy with lots of tasks.  We can streamline administration, adherence, while improving outcomes.

Patient Health Records

No longer do you need to carry around paper charts or laptops to access patient medical records.  Now you can access those records immediately almost anywhere!

Increased Revenue Potential

With improved medication tracking you have an additional revenue stream on a per patient basis.

Generate MAR on Demand

No more time-consuming or manual report generation.  With a simple click of a button you can get up-to-date information on your facility patients.

Business Owner, Colorado

"...the functionality Scriptio provides for you can’t be found in any other solution in our price range."
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