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What is Scriptio?

Scriptio is a mobile app that helps people track and manage their medication information on their phone.
It’s safe and fast! With Scriptio, patients, caregivers, pharmacists, and doctors can easily share important medication details with each other anytime they need to.

It helps everyone know the right information at the right time.


Manage your own medical records

manage your own records feature image

With Scriptio, you have the power to take charge of your medication journey. Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily input and manage all your medications, including dosages and schedules. Stay organized, track your adherence, and have a centralized location for all your medication-related information.

Medication Reminders

reminder feature image

 We understand that remembering to take medications and sticking to a schedule can be challenging. Scriptio offers intuitive medication reminder features that help you stay on track with your prescribed regimen. Whether you need reminders for multiple medications throughout the day or customized schedules, our platform ensures you never miss a dose.

Easily share records with family

share family feature image

We understand the importance of involving your caregivers in your medication management. Scriptio allows you to easily share your medication records with trusted individuals, such as family members or healthcare providers. This feature ensures seamless communication between everyone involved in your care, enabling a more holistic approach to your well-being.

Share medical records with providers

share record feature image

Your healthcare providers play a vital role in your overall well-being. With Scriptio, you can effortlessly share your medication records with your healthcare team. This seamless collaboration allows them to make better-informed decisions about your health, ensure accurate medication reconciliation, and tailor treatments based on your unique needs.

Manage your own medical records  in any health provider network

manage record feature image

Our intuitive and user-friendly platform makes managing your medications a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can create personalized profiles for each medication, set reminders for dosage schedules, and even receive notifications for refills. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or new to digital solutions, Scriptio provides a seamless experience that fits into your lifestyle.

Easy to use

View all your prescriptions on a single view

Clicking a prescription shows its history, reminders and ability to inactivate it

image showing patient prescription page

Visual indicators for reminders, history,  record authority

Track when medications were taken.

Easily add prescriptions

detail prescription screenshot

Easily manage your reminders

Inactivate medications with a simple click

Getting Started

QRCode to download Scriptio from appropriate app store
  1. Scan the image to download Scriptio onto your phone for free

  2. Enroll yourself on the Scriptio app

  3. Select the desired physical id(s) that you would like.  Keep in mind you can get as many as you like if you want to share your medical records with your loved ones.

  4. Securely pay for the physical id and the low monthly subscription service. 

  5. We will ship your order out immediately.

  6. When you receive your identity, it is all ready for you to start adding your prescriptions, supplements, vaccines, and allergy information.

If you are a health professional, please find more information here:

W. James, IL

"I live in a assisted living home while I recover from an injury.  I have a problem taking medication because it is not always given to me every day"
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